Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artistic Impression: Provence, Lavender Fields, PC

This 2005 Calendar called Photographic Journey Through The South of France is the Inspiration for the Post Card I created called "Provence"!! This photo is of the Lavender Fields near Banon France.
I used Shiva Artist's Paintstiks to add extra color to my three fabric pieced Post Card.
This is the beginning of My "Provence" Post Card after adding the Oil Paintstiks colors of green. brown, blue, red, and gray.
This is the back of the "Provence" Post Card where I used a Alphabet Stencil and blotted it with the Purple color Paintstik. This was my first try of using a stencil and you can see I struggle with it a lot. vbg
I find embroidery to be the most fun and relaxing part of creating "My Provence" Post Card. I worked on it for several weeks. I used three simple embroidery stitches in this projects, the French Knot, Straight Stitch, and Button Hole Stitch. I used several different kinds of embroidery floss which includes EdMar Boucle Rayon for the hedge in the grass, along the road and for the purple flowers. I used Needle Necessities Hand Dyed floss for the Lavender Fields. Mouline DMC color variations was used for the field furrows, Almond Tree trunk, leaves and bushes. DMC Perle Cotton was used for the Old World stone house with it distinct Blue Shutters. I also used DMC Mouline, Pearlescent Effects to outline the Mountains.

Artistic Impression: Provence, Lavender Fields brings back wonderful memories of driving through the lovely Countryside of France. I was so impressed with this region that I now have the same color "Provence Blue" painted on the Shutters of our "Home" along with lots of Lavender planted in my gardens.

I hope you all enjoy this wee reflection of Provence. Hugs Judy


Jane said...

Now you got me wanting to go to France, Judy... stay in that little villa on the right and wander the fields! Very intricate. How is that "sun room"? Obviously a very creative space if Provence was made there...

Maureen said...

THat is beautiful!!

Maggie R said...

Judy this is a gorgeous piece of work..... I love Provence!! I can see by your work you really do enjoy what you do.
Art On Dear heart....

Tricks said...

Oh Judy,
What a wonderful inspirational piece of embroidery. Very ambitious but it worked so well. I love Provence. I've been to France but I've always wanted to go there; now more than ever. Beautiful work Judy. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers Tricia

abeadlady said...

This one is just gorgeous, Judy! I have a different pic of the lavender fields, but this card reminds me of that picture too. Thanks for sharing.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jane Arline,Tricia, Maggie and Maureen, Thank you all for stopping by and saying Hi. Lovely to see your messages and thank a million for all your lovely comments. They always make me smile. Hugs Judy

Solstitches said...

What a lot of work you put into creating this gorgeous postcard. It's beautiful as is everything you do.

Miss 376 said...

Beautiful. I love lavender, be great to live next to a field of it. A lovely postcard

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Margaret and Jane, Thanks sooo very much for visiting my blog and your very nice comments on Provence. Greatly appreciated. Hugs Judy

Lyn from melbourne said...

dear Judy,
You know Lavender is one of my favourtie fragrances also, your work is beautiful, well done

Deepa said...

Dear Judy,
Gosh!! This is absolutely beautiful!! and that too with just three stitches!! You've inspired me to try out something like this- are those paintstiks fabric paints?

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Lyn and Deepa, Thank you very much for your lovely comments. Hugs Judy

Gypsy said...

That little postcard seems the very essence of Provence!

morvoren said...

Dear Judy,
Thank you for letting me take a peep at your wonderful French lavender talented you are :O)
I adore France myself and have not long returned home.
I am in a RR of newbies and my block is called Lost in France!!
Lavender is my other big love,I grew a bush from 1 single sprig of a bunch flowers DD gave me with love...the bush is huge now in 2 years. In turn I am doing sales for charity with my lavender woven bunches with Violet all good things go around :O)
All the kindest wishes from Pam

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Pam, I did not have a email to write to you and thank you for your very lovely comment about Provence. I would love to see your block called Lost in France. I am sure everyone loves your bunches of lavender. The smell of Lavender is sooooooooo wonderful. Hug judy

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