Friday, May 2, 2008

CQ PC, Spring In Michigan from Jane

A few weeks ago a new friend Jane who lives in the UP of Michigan decided to swap CQ Post Cards with the theme of "Spring In Michigan". After a very long day day of work yesterday I got home at 645PM and Jane's lovely package was there to greet me. After I collapsed in my favorite chair in the sun room I anxiously open the package Jane sent me. OH, what a very lovely CQ Spring Post Card. The tree is budding out in green, with a small bird nest with eggs which is a sure sign of Spring In Michigan. There is many weee flowers blooming throughout the card along with beads that make the card sparkle. I also love the way Jane put the eyelash yarn around the edge of the PC. Along with the PC Jane surprised me with many other goodies to add to my CQ stash . She included some fancy fabrics, very lovely lace pieces with beads, buttons and lovely embroidery flosses. Jane also included a homemade note card of a weeee girl picking Spring Flowers. Thanks You Jane for the very pretty PC and goodies. You made the end of my long day very Happy.

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