Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Beaded Bracelet, Spring Flowers

During the whole month of February I've had Cabin/ Spring Fever big time. So to get me through this month of ongoing snow blizzards,( 96.8 inches of snowfall and still counting) I have focus on things "Springy"!!!

First, this past week DH and I have booked a room at a Best Western down in Southern Illinois so we can attend the Paducah Quilt Show at the end of April. I still can close my eyes and see all the Red Buds and flowers blooming from our last visit in 2005. During this visit my Dear Friend Inge and Jaap from "The Netherlands" joined us and we all had such a super wonderful time together that I will never forget. Unfortunately, they can not join us this years but maybe next year. I am truly looking forward to this trip in so many ways. Seeing all the gorgeous quilt really makes me smile. I hope I will get to see a Crazy Quilt or two amongst them all. Of course the vendor mall is always so awesome and I love seeing all the new goodies out there.

This past winter I have developed a new passion called "Beading"!! So I decided to try and create a beaded bracelet which was more than a challenge but the final creation I think turned out pretty good. I call this bracelet "Spring Flowers"!! I have another project I am working on for this trip too. "Paducah Here I come"!!!! LOL


Meg said...

I tagged you! You Make My Day! Find out more on my blog ... and your bracelet is beautiful.


Gypsy said...

I am not sure I commented on this bracelet on BDZ, but it is worthy of so much more- beautiful colors, nice bead balance, and of course, the flowerly feel of Spring!
Wear it with pride!

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