Saturday, December 29, 2007

Peppermint Princess 4th Spirit of Friendship Doll

Peppermint Princess is the 4th Spirit of Friendship Doll I created this year for a Friend Leslie who lives in Colorado. We decided to do a one on one swap for Christmas. I met Leslie on the Crazy Quilting International Online Group this past year. This list members are comprised of a stash of wonderful ladies that are very supportive and creative in many ways. I was introduced to the concept of Spirit of Friendship Dolls on this CQI list. I fell in love with the concept and the challenge of creating a Spirit of Friendship Doll that would be very unique. I guess you could say creating them brought out a bit more of my creativity I did not know I had in me. vbg Peppermint Princess was inspired by a Christmas Card I bought for my Friend Lyn who lives in Melbourne Australia who has a special fetish for Snowman/Snow Ladies. vbg Actually, Peppermint Princess is completely beaded with the exceptional of a few button hole stitches around the center of her body. I made her face from polymer clay. I hope to create many more Spirit of Friendship Dolls in the future.


Susan said...

She's wonderful! You are really having a good time with these dolls, aren't you? Go, go, go!

Noel said...

Judy, I love this doll. You did a great job beading her from the christmas clever of an idea. Can't wait to see what creat next.
Many Blessings in 2008 to you and your hubby!

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