Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pay It Forward Gift From Susan

I am participating in a wonderful program called "Pay It Forward" . In this program you commit to creating a "Handmade" gift for Three People who sign up for it on your blog. This week I received this very lovely beaded Christmas Tree Pin from Susan a new friend from Arizona. Unfortunately, this picture does not due justice to the very tiny artistic beading work created on this pin. Thank you very much Susan for creating this gift for me. Please send some of that sunshine and warmth in Arizona to Michigan it is so very cold here.

1 comment:

tammy lang said...

ooooh i recongnize that pin!!
susan sent me one to for her PIF-aren't they wonderful:D
i can't seem to get a good pic or scan of mine:(
thanks for sharing
-ho ho ho we are getting snow:D

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