Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Quilt From Inge in Holland

I received this special weee Lovely Christmas Quilt from my friend in Holland. The Christmas flowers are great with hand embroidery and beads and a glittery border. The back is as lovely as the front. The Christmas Trees are made of I think hand made paper and painted with gold garland and beads for decorations. The background fabric is lovely with all the stars sparkling in the sky. I must learn how to do that printing words on Fabric. Thanks you my Friend, for this lovely weee Christmas Quilt.


Susan said...

What a cute little quiltlet! She must be a good friend.

tammy lang said...

oh how beautiful:)
looks like winter here in Ct.-if the snow ever gets here that is
makes me want to curl up with a nice warm cuppa:D
how big is it??
its a beautiful gift

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