Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Comfort Doll Program

Yesterday at work I received a call from Polly Diehl, donation coordinator from the Woman In Transition Center in Holland Michigan, telling me that the article she sent into the Holland Sentinel was pulished in todays paper. She told me she sent in Pat Winter's note that she includes with each dozen of dolls but they only included the above picture and text below it. It says, Judy Grant, left, of the Bradford Co. and Polly Diehl, of the Center for Woman in Transition, are pictured with "Comfort Dolls". The six inch dolls are given to women who need love and support in their lives. For information about the world-wide Comfort Doll Program, contact Patricia Winter at Pat's blog has much information about this program. Pat, I hope you received many messages from this article in the paper inquiring about The Comfort Doll Program.

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